Is it safe to hire a virtual bookkeeper?

In this day and age the internet is playing a huge role in many everyday activities. Not only are we keeping up with friends and family online through social media, we are making more purchases online, we can do our weekly food shop online, we can make reservations online for movie tickets and the list goes on. It is not that long ago that we did not have the option to do these things online!

It is not only our everyday activities that have been affected by the internet – our business activities are affected too. Maybe you are purchasing office supplies online and having them delivered, maybe you are logging into your bank account to get your current balance, you are probably on various social media sites and meeting new clients there – again the list goes on with a variety of activities that we now do online without a second thought.

stick_figure_working_laptop_desk_150_wht_4555The internet has also opened up new opportunities when it comes to hiring staff for your business. Not long ago if you needed help with your business you would have hired a local person who could come to you and work or pick up work and take it home. However, this part of business has changed immensely in a short period. Now you are no longer restricted to hiring the person that lives by you – now you can hire someone who lives miles away and still be able to work efficiently.

That opens up some new concerns for business owners though that were not a concern before. Let's look at this in the context of hiring a virtual bookkeeper. What questions and concerns does that raise though?

1) How do I know if I can trust them?

Spend time getting to know someone first. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter, read their posts and see if they know what they are talking about. Follow their blog and read about them on their website. Ask for references and talk to their other clients. Ask other people who you know for referrals – who do they use as their bookkeeper.

2) How will I communicate with them?

You can use the traditional telephone, you can email or you can use Skype or Facetime. The reason I like Skype and Facetime is the fact that you can talk "face to face". It helps being able to put a face to the voice and the name and it also helps to develop a trust factor too. Then of course email is a great way to communicate back and forth when there are questions needing answers.

3) How will I send my bookkeeping information to them each month?

You can scan and email your documents each month. If this concerns you then there are more secure methods to use. These services enable you to upload your files to their server and they are encrypted so that no one else can gain access to them. Your bookkeeper can then download the files securely as well. Some examples of these services are: www.dropbox.com, www.dropsend.com, www.yousendit.com and there are others out there too. 


Is it time that you hired a virtual bookkeeper? Do you need to free up some of your own valuable time by hiring a bookkeeper? 


2 Responses to Is it safe to hire a virtual bookkeeper?
  1. Accounting Hub Perth
    September 12, 2013 | 12:01 am

    Using a virtual bookkeeper is easy these days, especially using tools like Xero accounting software & Dropbox which you mentioned. It's a good point to look for trust factors on their website and social media.

    • Abacus Bookkeeping LLC
      September 13, 2013 | 7:01 am

      Absolutely! The internet makes it so much easier to hire a bookkeeper without having to visit them each month!

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