Are you trying to do everything in your business?

Are you trying to do everything in your business? That is the question that I am asking today and also asking myself the same question!! As our businesses grow it is easy to get caught up in trying to still do everything yourself even if you are not doing it well. If it is being done then that is the main thing, right? – Not always!! If it is not being done well then that can be a problem!

group_opposite_directions_400_wht_11350So, when you are trying to do everything in can sometimes feel like you just don't know which direction to go next? You start thinking about what you can put off doing for antoher week…or two..or three….  It is easy to feel like this and to keep pressing through telling yourself that it will get better. But it doesn't…you get busier and other things fall to the side.

Bookkeeping is an important part of your business and it is easy to push that to the one side and plan on working on it later and never getting around to it until you realize it is January and you have to get your bookkeeping done so that you can do your taxes for the previous year! Every business owner has some aspect of their business that they put off doing! It's human nature and it is rare to find someone who enjoys doing all aspects of their business and can do all aspects of their business well. We all have our strengths and our weaknesses whether we like it or not!

Take five minutes to day to stop and take a look at your business. Is there an area of your business that is being pushed to one side? Is there a part of your business that you just don't enjoy doing? Is it the marketing side? Maybe you don't have time to monitor your social media like you used to? Maybe it is the bookkeeping? Make a decision to do something about it! Do you need to hire someone to take care of this side of the business for you so that you can focus on continuing to grow your business?

If you are struggling with the bookkeeping side then we can help you. We offer various packages to meet the needs of your business. Email me today at kerry@kerrypostel.com or head over to the contact page and send us your information and we will give you a call.

As with anything in life, the longer you procrastinate on doing something the harder it becomes to catch up! Don't try and do everything!

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